Winery Wine Flight Pairings

Try our new Cheese and Wine Pairings. 3 Wine Flights with 3 Custom Cheese Pairings for a Pallet Enhancer.  Available at Shawnee Bluff Winery. 

Sweet Escape $12DSC_0060
Bluff Blush w/ Brie
I’m A Sweetie Too and Goat Cheese
Riesling w/ Gorgonzola                             

Swept Ashore (Missouri) $13                 
Norton w/ Sharp Cheddar
Double Bluff w/ Gouda
Retro Red w/ Goat Cheese

Fair Winds (Missouri) $13DSC_0167
Flappers  & Philosopher w/ Sharp Cheddar
Vignoles w/ Brie
Sweat Speakeasy w/ Blue Cheese

Magic Dragon $14
2013 Cabernet Sauv w/ Sharp Cheddar
2013 Merlot w/ Gouda
2013 Petite Sirah w/ Parmesan

Maiden Voyage $14
Chardonnay w/ Brie
Sauvignon Blanc w/ Gouda
Pinot Grigio w/ Blue Cheese

Bluff Bubbles 15
Bluff Breeze w/ Brie
Prosecco w/ Sharp Cheddar
Centorri with Goat Cheese